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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Paolo Sebastian S/S 2014-15 Haute Couture

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Dive into the captivating blues of tourmaline and aquamarine. Pendant and earrings in 18k gold with yellow and white diamonds.

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My Hmong “Struggles”


You’d be surprised at how often I get asked what my ethnicity is. Although it usually comes out more along the lines of “What kind of Asian are you?” like I’m a flavor of a delicious treat, I’ve gotten it enough to understand where people are going with the question. The conversations are always smooth until I say I’m Hmong. That’s when things take an interesting turn. 

  1. "Oh! So you’re from Mongolia." | No, people from Mongolia are MONGOLIAN. 
  2. "M-U-N-G?" | H-M-O-N-G. Silent “H”. And, no, I’m not from Mongolia.
  3. "Where are you from?" "Minnesota." "Where are really from?" "Born in Minneapolis, raised in St. Paul." "Um, where are your parents from?" | My parents are from Laos and, no, I’m not Laotian just like I’m not Mongolian. Come on, let’s think for a minute. This launches the explanation of how Hmong people don’t have a country, we’re from southeast Asia, etc. Then the circle continues.
  4. "Oh! You’re Hmong like the people in Gran Torino." | I didn’t all of a sudden become Hmong after that movie was released. Also, thanks for the mainstream Asian stereotypes, Eastwood.
  5. "What do you speak?" | Hmong and English. No, I will not speak Hmong on your command. 
  6. "What do Hmong people eat?" | I like Chipotle.
  7. "You’re Hmong, so can you speak Chinese?" | You’re German/Swedish/Norwegian all mixed and born in America, can you speak Russian? Yeah, didn’t think so.
  8. "Where’s Hmong?" | ………
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